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Registration on our
step 2
Searching of the best
lots by our experts
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Filing an application for
tender participation
step 4
Auction participation
under our control
step 5
Successful completion of
trades in our favor


We are engaged in rigorous monitoring and analysis at all the largest world’s collateral-related online websites. It tends to be sold sold at such auctions at a much more attractive price, compared to the average market price. That’s why participation in such tenders is both extremely profitable and cost-effective for our service.

Equations Wealth specialists choose the required lot, prepare up all the documents and draw up the participation request in the auction and then submit it at the auction site. We redeem collateral property on average for 30-40% of its real value, sell it at the average price in the market and then pay the interest to our investors if the auction succeeds.

We give you a great chance to participate in the actively developing and perspective company, providing positive financial dynamics. All the risks are absent, since your funds are subject to constant reliable protection and our Equations Wealth company gives all the required documents and licenses, required for both business and officially registered company.

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