About us

Our Equations Wealth Company has long been engaged in various world’s tenders. However, we are most interested in various collateral auctions and trades, rather than regular purchases and tenders. Therefore, our project decided to focus on the current activity type.

We tend to conduct rigorous monitoring and analysis of the largest online world’s collateral-related sites. As a rule, it is sold at such auctions at a much more attractive price, compared to the average market one. Therefore, participation in such tenders is both extremely profitable and cost-effective for our company.

Mortgaged property is usually seized by the bank or government agencies in case of failed to comply with own loan obligations, contract terms and other force majeure circumstances, when the owner is not able to fulfill his financial obligations, therefore, there takes place his actual property inventory. Such lots are provided at collateral auctions.

What is the current project engaged in?
Equations Wealth specialists choose the required lot, prepare up all the documents and draw up the participation request in the auction and then submit it at the auction site. We redeem collateral property on average for 30-40% of its real value, sell it at the average price in the market and then pay the interest to our investors if the auction succeeds. So, there are several reasonable questions, for example, what prevents you from direct participation in such tenders yourself Equations Wealth team’s help-free way?

As a rule, such auctions and tenders provide closed mode. Participation is strictly regulated and the documents package, required for participation, is too complicated and extensive for the average user to collect it himself. Therefore, our project’s specialists clearly control and collect all the required data, while having got complete and clear vision of the trading and winning way.

So, here is the question why do we need investments, if this is such a successful and profitable business?

In most cases, our company’s lots are quite expensive. So, we need additional financing sources in order to increase our project capitalization and profitability, since we simultaneously operate on several sites. That’s why we decided to involve absolutely different levels investors in order to provide an opportunity to earn for both ourselves and those, who trusted our company and invested own money in its development.

Of course, the main question is, what happens if the trades, we participate in, fail to win? We ensure safe and reliable protection for your funds, since the online platform, on which Equations Wealth participates in, returns all funds, spent or frozen as a bank guarantee, even in the event of a loss. Then we distribute them to new auctions and tenders.

We give you a great chance to participate in the actively developing and perspective company, providing positive financial dynamics. All the risks are absent, since your funds are subject to constant reliable protection and our Equations Wealth company gives all the required documents and licenses, required for both business and officially registered company.

Start building a better future together with us right now!