Frequently asked questions

The current page provides the most popular customer’s questions. We managed to both formulate them and give detailed answers as well. Each participant is entitled to contact the company administration, if he failed to find the answer to own question. The requests are processed 24/7.


What is account creation way?

The user may click on the «Registration» link in order to create an account. Then he needs to fill in the indicated fields in a special form.

How many accounts may I create?

The customer is entitled to create one account only. Multiple accounts creation is prohibited.

Whether the account activation is free or paid?

Registration and account creation are free for each new customer.

What should I do if I forgot my password, login?

First of all, make sure that all the characters have been entered correctly. Contact our project’s technical service if the data entered is correct. Besides you have a chance to use the online password recovery option available.

How may I change my account?

Open «Account» page after registration completion in order to change your account.

Who may become the project’s participants?

Everyone is entitled to become our service customer, if being an adult citizen. Nationality, religious preferences, social status do not limit registration.


Are there any deposit replenishment amount restrictions?

The minimum deposit amount is $10 while the maximum one is $ 5 000 000.

What is the profit accrual way?

The tariff plan chosen will affect each participant’s profit individually.

What payment systems are available in the project?

Our service cooperates with such payment systems as PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.

Funds deposit and withdrawal

How much deposits may I make?

Deposits number restrictions are absent.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

Funds withdrawal limits are absent.

How may I withdraw my funds from the system?

You are required to visit «My Account» and activate «Withdraw funds» button in order to withdraw funds. Choose a payment system and specify the desired withdrawal amount.

In what currency may I cash out funds?

The project supports a single currency mode - USD.

How long should I wait for my funds withdrawal?

Withdrawals are made manual (24 hours).

Affiliate program

What will the affiliate program provide me with?

The program provides an opportunity to get a passive income by involving new investors to the project. You may learn more about the affiliate program terms and the charges amount in the «Partners» section.

Whether the deposit is required in order to earn on a referral system?

No, the deposit is not required; you may earn money just by involving new investors.

May I refuse from participation in the affiliate program?

Participation in the program is voluntary. The customer’s wish absence to use the referral link will not affect the services provision by the project.


Whether the third parties may use my account data?

The company ensures each customer’s confidential data safety. Therefore, an access to other accounts is not available.

Why has my account been blocked?

The customer’s account is immediately blocked either temporarily or permanently in case of revealing customer’s illegal actions. The participant’s rules and obligations are described in the Agreement terms.

How may I protect my account or e-wallets?

Be sure to create multisyllable passwords and avoid sharing them with anyone.

How may I find out that my tariff plan has been changed?

The administration always informs the customers about all the changes by e-mail, provided while signing up.